eM 2016 in frankreich

em2016_pereiraMiguel Pereira hatte am Ende die Nase vorne und siegte am Ende mit gerade einmal acht Pünktchen Vorsprung. Ihm gilt unser herzlicher Glückwunsch: Er ist nicht nur stolzer Gewinner beim Tippspiel, sondern er darf sich als Portugiese auch als Europameister fühlen. Er hat uns ein paar Zeilen und ein Bild zukommen lassen. Ihr könnt sicher alle so viel Englisch, dass ihr den Text übersetzen könnt:

Thank you very much! Actually I was a bit surprised with both wins ... Euro & "Tippspiel" :-)

My name's Miguel Pereira and I'm from Porto, Portugal, the most beautiful and charismatic city in the world. I'm a Mechanical Engineer working for Continental since 2010 in the Plant Operations dptm of plant Lousado.

I was first invited to join "the Tippspiel" in Brazil World Cup where my predictions were...a disaster! This time I tried to push for accuracy and Portugal didn't let me down. Our team was much criticized for reaching the late stages of the competition almost without any win, when in fact I believe that, even more amazing than this, is that we've won the Euro without any losses! ;-)  Jokes aside, I believe we showed consistency, we weren't that defensive (as Greece in 2004 for example) and performances improved consistently since the first game.

I think "the Tippspiel" adds a pinch of salt to these competitions while watching the games and hoping to get the scores correct. Now it's a long wait until the next World Cup for which I'm looking forward to participate yet again.